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Since 2014 the Tangkoko Conservation Education project is part of MNP. Please check out the following link: TCE

Sulawesi is one of the biodiversity hotspots due to its location within the Wallacea. The 7 endemic macaque species are of extraordinary importance for the understanding of primate evolution, but little is known about them from the wild. Due to habitat destruction and poaching, all are threatend by extinction with crested macaques being critically endangered. (IUCN Red List 2011). We thus aim at improving protection of crested macaques through

  • building up a biological data base,
  • environmental education programs for Indonesian students, rangers and villagers,
  • action in the research area to reduce illegal logging and hunting.

We are collaborating with the following organisations:

Regards d'ailleurs    Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue    Selamatkan Yaki


MNP organizes seminars in schools

distroyed-traps Destroyed traps

Tangkoko Conservation Education

Tangkoko Conservation Education (or TCE), a conservation education programme taking place around the Tangkoko-Duasudara nature reserves and other protected forests of North Sulawesi, aims at giving the survival of this species and their habitat a long-term perspective. To achieve this goal, we develop education and conservation activities for local population (especially school interventions for young people), in order to increase their knowledge and awareness towards the crested macaques and the local biodiversity.








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